Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

France justifies total ban on sending money, gold and silver coins by mail

France justifies total ban on sending money, gold and silver coins by mail

France has passed a law to send and cash payment of gold and silver in small prohibits postal items. The law was in force on 1 June and has major implications. Thus, TV ads in which gold coins for sale no longer because these coins are almost always delivered by post. The government wants to trading of small amounts of gold and cash prevent among individuals.
In September 2011 the French Government had already taken stringent measures to limit. anonymous and cash purchases of gold and silver Every purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous metals that exceed 450 euros must be made by bankoverschijving since then.
"Art. D. 1.-L 'insertion the billets de banque, the pièces et de metaux precieux est interdite dans les envois postaux, y compris dans les envois à valeur déclarée, lesson envois recommandes et les envois faisant l'objet de leur formalités attestant dépôt et leur distribution. »
This means that collectors of silver and gold coins that their hobby can not arrange by post. Mainly active on eBay or other classifieds sites . To avoid jewelers not be prevented from exercising their profession too much are some exceptions in the law built in. But the goal seems pretty clear. Preventing any transaction among individuals with gold and silver is involved is remarkable that no French mainstream media about this new law message.

Why European governments and central banks selling gold today try to check again? According to experts the simple reason: they are markets that they can not fully control and the idea that people take their destiny into their own hands bothers them.
Another reason is the euro crisis: now plans to create, which would be of that new world currency, the euro, on the basis of a European superstate be stowed and some euro zone countries think about the single currency to say goodbye rapidly , the EU and the death of a scenario in which civilians are fleeing their euros exchange for gold and silver.
Central banks of any state hate the idea that people have something in their possession that they can not manipulate , so just because their monopoly is affected

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